Discussion with stakeholders in context of upcoming Local Election

  March 26, 2017

The Human Rights Watch Group of Tanahu has organized a discussion program with concerned authority in context of preparation of upcoming local level election on May 14. In discussion program, Chief District Officer and officials from District Election Commission had participation.

The team led by coordinator Ram Leela Subarnakar of the committee had organized a discussion program on March 26 by visiting their respective office.

The committee had gathered the information with CDO Fadindra Mani Pokhrel about the preparation, security and coordination with political parties in context of election.

Speaking at the discussion program, CDO Pokhrel said that the environment of election has been created in the district as election is essential for the implementation of the constitution. He added that there are no immediate challenges in the district and committed to provide security along with the coordination with security guilds. He further said that there has been a good cooperation by the political parties.

Prakash Chandra Bhattarai