Discussion on Human rights situation in Mustang district conducted

  December 22, 2016

The situation of human right in Mustang district has been discussed with the participation of representatives from central and western regional office on December 21.


Chief District Officer Bhimraj Pokharel said, the rules and laws of land should be complied while giving attention to human right issues.

The compliance of law itself is human right and the duty also has to be taken care of while talking about right, said Pokharel.

Similarly, CPN-UML former lawmaker Chandra Bahadur Gurung suggested to stress and focus on positive aspects rather than the negative ones in any seminar and discussion programs.  In spite of protesting against the issues, it is necessary to raise voice and initiation for economic, social, political and cultural rights.

District Development Committee, Planning Officer Govind Sigdel stated that the monasteries are located in the center of the Mustang district whereas the schools are far from the favorable settlement area which needs to be shifted in the center of the district.

DSP of District Police Office Hariharnath Yogi said, the police official will not leave any chance to comply with and enforce country’s law. He said, the law should be used while demanding about human rights. Chief DSP Yogi stated that the person trying to collect tax illegally will be brought in the line of laws considering it as a criminal act.

District Education Office, District Branch Officer, Laxman Devkota said, there is no lack of quality education in the district and all students have access to schools.

Chairman of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Bhim Bahadur Rasaili of Mustang District raised the problem created due to the inconsistency within the vehicle fares of the place.  He protested against the fare that is not same for the Nepalese, South Asian and other country’s citizen.

The INSEC central office advocacy program administrator Samjha Shrestha said, Human Rights starts from the virtue of being human.

The Coordinator of INSEC Western Regional Office, Shiva Khakurel stated about the importance of citizen’s help and cooperation to government officials for the promotion and protection of human rights.

Amrit Baskune