Development in shadow: Lack of coordination between Civil society and media

  February 21, 2019

The stakeholders in a program have said that the raising issues of development are shadowed due to the lack of interaction between civil society and media.

The stakeholders showed their concern during an interaction program held in Bidur of Nuwakot on February 19 organized by INSEC. They said that the gap between the civil society and media must be removed to expedite the development works.

Civil society vice-chair Keshav Mishra stressed on a coordination and cooperation between civil society and media. He added that media must play role to aware the community and stakeholders. The delay in development affects the development of overall nation, that is why coordination is essential, he added.

Vice-chair Gokarna Nepal of NGO federation said that the activities of civil society and government bodies must be transparent for the effective development.

In the program, vice chair Gokarna Nepal of NGO federation, District chairperson Kapil Dev Khanal of NGO federation, former central committee member Yam Kumar Khati of Human Rights alliance expressed their views during the program and stressed the importance of coordination between the Civil society and Media.

Nawadeep Shrestha