Completion of Semi-Annual Review

  July 4, 2023

The Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) Makawanpur has successfully conducted a semi-annual review program for the Nepal Human Rights Yearbook 30th June 2023.

INSEC’s District representative, Pushparaj Adhikari presented 46 incidents of human rights violation and abuses from January 2023 to June 2023. Among them, 18 incidents involved sexual assault against minors.

Lalit Ghalan, the Chief of the District Coordination Committee in Makwanpur, expressed concerns about the state of human rights in the district, as there have been numerous cases of sexual assault against children. He emphasized that although public acknowledgement of such incidents maybe an indication of increased awareness and sense of responsibility among individuals but it is extremely important to divert the attention of the administrative bodies, representatives and organisations towards this issue as it depicts the image of human rights of this district.

Similarly, the coordinating officer of the District Coordination Committee, Basudekh Khatiwada suggested INSEC must compile documents by bringing together all aspects of human rights.

Rewa Regmi, Officer for National Human rights commission, Bagmati Province Office,  expressed concern over the increasing incidents of violence against girls. She also highlighted that girls are vulnerable and unsafe due to the rising cases of rape and sexual abuses. According to her, as this situation reflects the state of the society, it is necessary to call for the attention of all concerned individuals to build a secure society and a safe community.

Ramil Sapkota, the Chairperson of  NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Federation, Makwanpur, has requested the media personnel to increase their participation in raising awareness about the alarming rise of human rights violations in the district.  Along with that she focused on the need for collaboration of all NGO sector representatives to mitigate such incidents and work towards building a safe and human rights-ensured society.

Apsara Basnet, the Chairperson of Bar Association of Makwanpur District Court, has stated that it is necessary for the police to prepare reports from both parties, including investigations, on human rights violations and abuses. She further added that in some circumstances, an individual tends to register a case at someone’s influence and later change their testimony in the court has raised doubts about the actual situations and the genuine victims.

In the program, INSEC’s Bagmati Pradesh representative, Som Nepali, addressed the raised queries of the participants, providing information about the work carried out by INSEC in support of human rights. According to the district representative of INSEC, Pusparaj Adhikari, among the 46 incidents of human rights violation and abuses, 48 individuals have become the victims from January 2023 to June 2023. Among them, 37 females, 7 males and one individual from the sexual and minority community were victims.

According to the District Representative Officer, out of the incidents related to child rights, 18 girls were victims, including 15 cases of rape, three cases of sexual abuse, and one case of a boy being victim of homicide. Out of the women rights incidents as per INSEC’s report, out of 19 victims, two were victims of attempted rape, one victim of homicide and seven victims of polygamy. During this period, there have been two cases of homicide, and seven cases of attempted murder, including one female and one male victim in the homicide cases, and six male victims, one sexual and ethnic minority individual, involved in cases of attempted murder along with assault, as recorded in the documents of INSEC.


Pushpa Raj Adhikari