Completion of Province-level Interaction Program at Human Rights Support Desk

  March 31, 2023


Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) organized a Madhesh Province-level interaction program for the development of the Human Rights Support Desk on 30 March 2023.

Chairperson of the Madhesh Commission Dr. Bijay Dutt said that financial support along with legal support for access to justice is imperative for the tasks of human rights defenders. He said that the work of the leaders of INSEC and other organizations, including financial assistance and legal counseling services, is exemplary. Stating that the situation of human rights in the country is still sensitive, he emphasized that the state should move forward with seriousness. He said that since Madhesh province has a large presence in Nepal in terms of population, which is suffering from education, health, food, social, cultural, and economic problems, the government should take the lead in providing basic services and facilities to the people and give them a sense of justice.

Dev Kumari Khatri, Women’s Development Officer of the Ministry of Women, Children, Youth and Sports, Madhesh Province, stressed that everyone should get justice in time, whether they are human rights, defenders, or ordinary people.

Chief Police Inspector Chandrakala Bhattarai of the Women and Children Cell of District Police Office Dhanusha said that now men are also suffering along with women. He said that human rights defenders in Madhesh province have been playing an important role in justice for the victims, so they should move forward independently.

INSEC Madhesh Province Coordinator Raju Paswan said that INSEC annually allocates a budget of Rs. 170,000  for the financial assistance of the victims in Madhesh Province. He said that taking into consideration the problems and financial situation of the victims, they will help each victim up to a maximum amount of Rs. 10,000.

Advocate Raj Kumar Mahaseth, chairman of the Human Rights Support Cell, said that if they receive information from a victim, an INSEC representative, study, monitor, and measure how much support should be provided. He said that until now, the victims have been assisted with checks.


Deependra Singh