Committed to solve the issues after monitoring schools

  May 2, 2018

The mayor of Madhuban Municipality, Ganesh Chettri showed his commitment to monitor the school buildings and solve the issues. He showed his commitment while speaking at the program at Madhuban Municipality-4, Machad on May 1 organizaed by INSEC in coordination with Ramgyanu FM.

The program was organized under the ELP program. The mayor said that the education and employment for conflict victim’s children along with the creation of opportunity will be in priority. He added that the issue of education, health and food sector will be solved through ward and city level.

During the program, ward chairman Parshuram Chaudhary of Madhuban Municipality-1, Pahadi Tharu, ward chair of ward number 2 and ward chairman Biniti Ram Tharu showed their commitment to solve the issues seen in education, health and food sector.

Man Bahadur Chaudhary