Building Social awareness can Procure Human Rights: Regional administrator

  July 6, 2016

The regional administrator of Doti said that the Human Rights can be guaranteed only by building awareness in society as there are different people with different understandings in society.


He expressed his view while speaking at the interaction program on education, health and food rights organised by INSEC regional office of Dhangadhi in Dipayal on July 6.

In the program, the service takers raised queries with service provider which could not be solved through VDC and district.


Sharad Chandra Shrestha, director of far-western regional agricultural directives said that there are many issues in agricultural sector however if the policies and program brought by this government is implemented, the problems of farmers will be solved.


Supervisor Deepak Achhami of far-western regional health directives said that the main problem is lack of manpower in health sector. He added that most of the health professionals do not want to live and work in far-western region.


The representatives from far-western regional education directives said that it is important for teachers to keep themselves away from politics. For this, the political parties must be responsible.