Appeal to The Social Development Minister, Demanding The Reduction Of Environmental Pollution

  June 1, 2023

Province-level human rights group submitted a letter demanding the construction and maintenance of roads in Karnali Province to the Minister of Social Development on May 27.

Padam Sarki, Chairperson, Province-level human rights group, said that The human rights group of INSEC submitted a letter demanding the maintenance of the under constructed roads in Dullu Municipality, Dailekh District, Chamunda Bindrasaini Municipality, Barahtal Rural Municipality, and Panchapuri Municipality, on May 27, 2023.

 The Constitution of Nepal Part 3, Article 30, states the rights related to cleanliness. Further, sub-article 1 states, every citizen has a right to live in a clean environment, and sub-article-2 envisions compensation for victims of environmental pollution or degradation.

Despite the Constitutional provisions, the drinking water projects in Dullu Municipality, Dailekh, Chamunda Bindrasaini Municipality and Surkhet Barahtal Rural Municipality, and Panchapuri Municipality, lack adequate drinking water provisions. The letter demands the problem to be solved.

 Khadka Bahadur Pokharel, Social Development Minister, said that the demand raised by the group is justified and that he is positive towards solving these problems. Furthermore, Minister Pokharel promised to take necessary steps to solve the problems of education and drinking water in the municipality by taking initiatives for the management of under-construction roads and steps regarding cleanliness.

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Prabha Kumari Rawat