Urge for Dialogue to Save Dr. KC’s Life

2nd October 2020

The 19th hunger strike of Dr. Govinda KC has been ongoing from the past 18 days. He started the hunger strike demanding to initiate MBBS program at Karnali Institute of Health Science and investigate on various cases of corruption. INSEC expresses concern over Dr. KC’s deteriorating health condition. Dr. KC and his supporters state that the previous agreements made with him to end his previous hunger strikes have not been implemented.

It is essential to strengthen the public health system and good governance to respond to the pandemic caused by COVID-19 as well. INSEC urges the Government of Nepal to be accountable about the issues and concerns raised by Dr. KC through the hunger strike and to implement the agreements made with him in the past. Considering the current situation, we would like to draw the attention of the Government of Nepal to create an environment to end Dr. KC’s ongoing hunger strike in a dignified manner. Since the government has a constitutional obligation to protect the life of the individual, we urge the Government of Nepal to take meaningful initiatives to save Dr. KC’s life.

Dr. Indira Shrestha_nepali

Dr. Indira Shrestha