Stop the Use of Excessive Force

Following the clash between the police personnel and squatters at Motipur Industrial Area of Lumbini Province, Rupandehi, four have been killed by the firing of the police. Police has informed that among those who were killed in the clash, one has not been identified and one who died during the treatment has been identified as Ramesh Pariyar, 48, of Bandganga Municipality-10, Kapilbastu. Deceased Pariyar died due to excessive loss of blood. He was shot on the chest. Similarly, Birendra Prasad Kurmi, 38, of Shuddhodhan Rural Municipality-5 and Yujan Kumal, 18, of Tilottama Municipality, Shankarnagar also lost their lives during the clash.

According to the representative of INSEC Rupandehi, there was a scuffle between the squatters who were said to have ‘occupied’ the land at the industrial corridor and the police when the police tried to demolish their temporary tents. The police started air firing as a result of which more than 50 people were injured. Among the injured, forty-one of them are undergoing treatment at Lumbini Provincial Hospital, Butwal in which 17 are from the police and 24 are protesters. Four of the protesters have been brought to Kathmandu for further treatment due to their critical health condition. The research team formed by INSEC will soon publish a detailed onsite study report of the incident. We express the following concerns on the basis of the preliminary study:

INSEC has drawn serious attention to the incident of clash of police with the squatters.

  • Preliminary information has shown that there was a loss of life due to excessive use of force by the Armed Police Force in the incident.
  • INSEC affably requests the protesters in the squatter settlements to exercise resistance during the demonstrations and conduct peaceful protest.
  • INSEC urges to find out the facts of Motipur incident, take action against the perpetrators and form a high level mechanism for investigation. It also strongly demands the Government of Nepal to ensure the rights and justice for the victims.
  • The negligence of the body responsible for the permanent solution of the problem of squatters and unorganized settlements has been witnessed. Therefore, INSEC urges the Government of Nepal to take fair steps for the permanent solution of such problems.

Signature of Chairperson_Dr. Indira Shrestha




Dr. Indira Shrestha