September 11, 2015

September 11, 2015


Press Statement

Appeal to Shun Extremism


We have repeatedly expressed our concerns, appeals and oppositions regarding the abuse carried out by the agitators and security agencies during the ongoing agitation in different parts of the country for the last 29 days. We would like to express our respect to 34 Nepalis who lost their lives during this period.


It is appearing that the protest program, forwarded in total disregard for public life and basic rights necessary for people, is eroding the minimum human sentiment if we look at the Tikapur incident and other following incidents. The manner in which injured Armed Police Force ASI Thaman Bahadur BK was killed on September 11 is an example of such tendency. BK was snatched out of the ambulance as he was being taken to Hospital and beaten to death.


It would only be a shameless reprobate if any such barbaric killing is called as spontaneous action resulting from any agitation or protest or a natural act of revenge. We also condemn the incident where two protesters were shot dead by the police during a demonstration in Janakpur on September 11.


We ask Government of Nepal to bring those responsible for such serious crimes and their accomplices to justice and take measures to give the people immediate sense of security. If someone feels that they can get impunity by giving different veils to criminal act, we want to state clearly that in the age of international laws, no one can escape by criminalizing politics. There are plenty of documents regarding those instigating the general public to resort to criminal acts and digressing by giving wrong messages.


We call on all not to delay in getting involved to assume the height of the national leader by thinking for the country, putting forward the logical arguments in transparent way for the public and reaching in proper conclusion.


Subodh Raj Pyakurel