INSEC Demands to Refrain Disruption of Impartial and Unbiased Investigation of Organized Crime of Fake Bhutanese Refugees

The widespread suspicion that the investigation into the fake Bhutanese refugee case will conclude due to the consensus of the high-level political leadership of the major parties, has become a matter of concern. A mandatory in-depth and impartial investigation is required to ensure Nepal’s standing in the international community. The common people, civil society, and the parliament, which is a sovereign representation of citizens, play an active role to maintain accountability, during the existing distrust in the commitment of the government and national agencies against corruption.

Political parties are accountable for the impending consequences that Nepal will face, at the national and international level, if this fraudulent crime, conducted in the cohort of national apparatus, including legislators and high-ranking political figures, is not investigated minutely, ensuring prosecution to everyone involved in the crime.

The investigation conducted by the Nepal Police and state bodies within the jurisdiction is commendable. Therefore, we demand from political parties to refrain from disrupting the state mechanism’s duty to investigate this crime.


Dr. Kundan Aryal