November 20, 2015

November 20, 2015

Context: Nine Years of Comprehensive Peace Agreement


Press Statement


Tomorrow (November 21, 2015) marks the completion of 10 years following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between the government and the then rebel CPN-M bringing a formal end to the decade-long armed conflict. The dream of drafting new constitution by Nepali people through Constituent Assembly as stated in the CPA has materialized this year. Constitutional experts have said that Constitution of Nepal-2015 is more progressive than the constitution of so-called large democratic nations and that it is excellent in terms of respect and guarantee to human rights. The new constitution has provisions for protection and promotion of rights of women, madhesi, dalit, indigenous nationalities and marginalized communities, worth following.


Political parties of Nepal have been successful in resolving one of the contentious issues by efficiently concluding integration of Maoist combatants in this period. The CPA is taken as starting point of Nepal’s progress and establishment of democracy with social justice.


Family of those killed in extra-judicial execution and forcefully disappeared are yet to feel justice. We assert that it should be a matter of shame for the government that those convicted by the independent judiciary have not been brought to justice. This and other such issues are some incomplete aspects of Nepal’s peace building process. To find ways for resolving these issues is the responsibility of Nepal government and political parties of Nepal.


We confirm that the provision of amnesty in the acts of Commission of Inquiry into Disappearances, Truth and Reconciliation Commission formed some months ago, protects belief that incidents of conflict should be forgotten. This cannot be taken as justiciable. On the completion of nine years of CPA, we call on the Nepal government and political parties to adhere fully to CPA, make appropriate provisions for relief and reparation to the victims.



Subodh Raj Pyakurel