January 22, 2016

January 22, 2016


Press Statement


Draupadi Chaudhary, 62, of Rangeli Municipality-3, Mahadev Rishidev, 45, of Bardanga VDC-2 and Siru Majhi, 25, of Dayaniya VDC-9 have been killed in police firing at a clash with cadres of Samyukta Loktantrik Madhesi Morcha (SLMM) in Rangeli on January 21. The clash took place after cadres of SLMM tried to disrupt the mass assembly organized by Youth Association Nepal (YAN) in Rangeli Municipality. We express our heartfelt tribute to the deceased and wish for speedy recovery of those injured in the incident.


Jitendra Mandal, 35, of Rangeli Municipality-7, Satya Narayan Sah, 50, of Rangeli-9, Jagannath Sah, 35, of same place, Subodh Mandal, 26, of Rangeli-4, Subodh Kumar Mandal of Rangeli-7 and Prakash Dhakal, 40, of Sijuwa VDC-8, were among those injured in police firing. We urge the government to provide free and effective treatment for those injured who are receiving treatment in different hospitals.


We request SLMM to organize its program in a peaceful manner and to remain aware about the right to different opinion and freedom of expression. We remind the Nepal Government to adopt all possible measures to avoid loss of lives and property while maintaining peace and security. Resolution of political disputes should be sought through peaceful political dialogue, not through the violent means. We again call on the state and the agitating parties to solve the issue through political dialogue as soon as possible.


Not only has the SLMM disregarded the matter that others have similar rights as well while using its rights, but it has adopted violent means and policy of prohibiting others. This has drawn out attention. Criminal acts of vandalizing and torching the homes of political activists have occurred in Rangeli incident. With the ongoing political dialogue, we urge all the leadership to remain caution against elements engaged in causing violence and riot, and to patiently remain engaged in finding way out through logical, transparent and justifiable manner.


We strongly demand that for judicial probe into the Rangeli incident, legal action against the perpetrators and immediate relief to the victims.


Subodh Raj Pyakurel