Demand to Cease Unlawful Activities

On May 28, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane posted on Facebook, stating that individuals who violate traffic rules, including those driving under the influence, would be required to assist on the roads as volunteers. The following day, beginning on May 29, traffic police began deploying these traffic rule violators to labor under the designation of “volunteers.” Implementing measures not provided for in the Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act constitutes a substitution of the rule of law with arbitrary governance. We strongly oppose such activities.

Decisions and programs made on a whim like this foster anarchy and merely encourage a state of lawlessness in society. We urge the Government of Nepal to halt such actions that are contrary to the Constitution, laws, and human rights of Nepal. If such measures are to be enforced, they should be implemented through the proper enactment and enforcement of laws.

Dr Kundan Aryal Chairperson
Dr Kundan Aryal