Press Release

We express deep concern over the series of incidents involving police brutality in the Madhesh province. The assault on Manohar Kumar Pokharel, a district representative of INSEC, by Assistant Sub-inspector Rajeshwar Mahato at the district police office in Saptari is a distressing incident that calls for immediate action.

Pokharel sustained severe injuries to his eyes and sensitive organs during this brutal assault while he was assisting family members seeking justice for the suspicious death of Arati Shah. It is imperative that law enforcement agencies, responsible for maintaining peace and security, respect and uphold human rights principles.

We call upon the government of Nepal to uphold its commitment to human rights by taking swift and decisive action against police officers who engage in such unacceptable behavior. A thorough investigation must be conducted into cases of unwarranted use of force, torture, and custodial deaths in the Madhesh province, and those responsible, regardless of their rank, must be held accountable.

We urge the government to demonstrate zero tolerance for human rights violations and ensure that the rights of all citizens are protected. Human rights organizations, both within and outside the country, are closely monitoring the situation, and we expect the government to address these issues promptly and effectively. The human rights situation in Nepal is under constant scrutiny, and it is crucial for the government to take appropriate measures to rectify these grave violations.


Dr. Kundan Aryal