Implementation of Law More Challenging Than Law-making
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There are 79 local levels in Karnali province consisting of 54 rural municipalities and 25 municipalities. Within Birendranagar Municipality, located in Surkhet, the capital of Karnali Province, there....

Continuous Efforts for Indigenous Rights Protection
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There are currently three levels of government after the nation underwent restructuring. The main objective of the local government is to implement the power that used to be limited to Singha Durbar a....

Human Right Issues Should Be Community Focused
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Dakneshwori Municipality, an amalgamation of nine villages, located in the central-southern part of the east-west highway in the Saptari District, is unique by its nature of formation. The southern pa....

We Are Committed to Creating Human Rights Friendly Municipality
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Ghodaghodi Municipality, the Central religion of the Kailali district, has an area of 354.44 sq km, with a population of 87,679. The municipality has 12 wards with various ethnic and caste groups like....

Collaboration with NGOs for Better Living Standards Of People 
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Chitwan has only one rural municipality, Ichchhakamana. The majority of the population in this rural municipality, which is located in the hilly region of the district, belongs to indigenous communiti....

We Are Committed to Human Rights
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  Nawalparasi Bardaghat East was created during the restructuring of the nation’s administration. It is divided into East and West. The western part of Bardaghat Nawalparasi is located in L....

Rights and Responsibilities Should Be Equally Implemented 
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Rapti Sonari Village Municipality of Banke District is the largest Rural municipality in Nepal in terms of area. The area of the municipality is 1041.73 sq. km. It is bordered by Dang to the east, Koh....

Despite Inadequate Budget, Effort To Cover All Areas
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Here is an edited part of the conversation of INSEC Surkhet Representative, Prabha Rawat, with Lalvir Bhandari, head of Panchapuri Municipality of Surkhet, on human rights-friendly laws, initiatives t....

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