We are deeply committed to upholding human rights.
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In the excerpted conversation between INSEC Panchthar representative Iwara Zwegu Limbu and Mayor Mitra Prasad Kafle of Fidim Municipality, discussions encompassed various facets, notably human rights,....

We Are In The Campaign To Create Human Rights-Friendly Rural Municipality
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Shubhakalika Rural Municipality is one of the six rural municipalities in Kalikot district, which encompasses a total of nine local levels. According to the National Census 2021, the population of thi....

We are Dedicated to Safeguarding Human Rights: Kedar Thapa
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According to the National Census 2021, the total literacy rate of Ilam is 83.37 percent. The literacy rate for men stands at 88.66 percent, while for women, it is 78.13 percent. In Ilam Municipality, ....

We Plan Our Programs With An Aim To Guarantee Human Rights
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In 2016, when the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development established 753 local levels in Taplejung district, Paktanglung Rural Municipality was created by amalgamating the Village Developme....

Solving The Sukumbasi (Landlessness) Problem Is A Major Challenge
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Urlabari Municipality, located in Morang, is undergoing a phase of rapid urbanization. With the slogan ‘Clean, Prosperous, and Equitable Urlabari,’ the municipality is actively addressing ....

We are In A Campaign to Ensure the Basic Rights of Citizens
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Badimalika is a municipality located in the District headquarters. This municipality known as a heritage of religious and tourist areas is named after Badimalika goddess. This Municipality with 9 Ward....

We have taken proactive measures by identifying the issues, with the goal of enhancing the quality of education.
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Among the four rural municipalities in Kaski, Madi Village holds the distinction of being the largest in terms of geographical area, encompassing 12 wards. Madi village occupies an area of 563 square ....

We Initiated Plans To Uplift Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights of Dhimal Community
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The name “Belbari” originates from the abundant bael fruit trees that once flourished here. Covering an area of 132.79 square kilometers, Belbari town has been actively engaged in various ....

We Are Prioritizing Women, Youth, and Marginalized Communities for the Upcoming Year’s Plan and Policies
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Mithila Municipality, located in the northern part of the Dhanusha district under the Madhesh province, is a significant agricultural area. Spanning approximately 187.94 square kilometers, this munici....

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