Writ Filed by INSEC and Other Organizations Against Cement Factory in Gorahi

  March 19, 2021 By: INSEC

NGOs including INSEC and locals have filed a writ petition in the Tulsipur High Court on March 18 demanding to stop the pollution that it has been causing.

A writ has been registered demanding to run the industry as per the standards and manage the dust and smoke which has seriously affected the health of the locals.

The industry is located between the human settlements in Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan-3 and 4 Gogli. The writ petition seeks an interim order respecting the right of citizens to live with dignity, the right to live in a clean environment, the right to food, and the right to information.

The writ petition has demanded to make arrangements to inform the citizens easily and regularly about the work done by the industry. There is a need for environmental protection and the industry has been operating beyond the standards for years.

According to Bharat Raj Devkota, a local, the Ghorahi Cement Industry has not complied with the standards required for the production of Sagarmatha Cement and their work has been spreading dust and smoke.

Among the writ petitioners are local industry victims Bharatraj Devkota, Basant Kumar Ghimire, Dil Bahadur Gharti, Tara Acharya, Baldev Ghimire, Giriraj Subedi, Janaki Gharti, Bikash Acharya, and Binod KC on behalf of Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), Suresh Kumar Gautam on behalf of FIAN Nepal, Huma DC from Food Rights Network Dang, Sajida Siddiqui from SISA Nepal, advocates Sunil Kumar Shrestha, Biswajit Tiwari, Kumar Shrestha, Lok Bahadur Shah, Bal Bahadur Chand, Maniraj Acharya, Mukunda Bahadur Rana, and Basanta Gautam.

Jaya Narayan Pun