Workers Protesting due to Unpaid Wages

  April 26, 2023 By: INSEC

Workers involved in the construction of the multi-purpose suspension bridge, built in Duhun Rural Municipality, and the Siddha Makrikot footpath, in Apihimal Rural Municipality, are agitated after they were denied their wages even after two years of completion of the project.

The workers of Duhun have been protesting since April 21, 2023, by shutting down the suspension bridge. Residents of Ward No. 1, 2, and 5 of Duhun Rural Municipality worked as daily wage laborers during the construction of the bridge.

They closed the bridge on both sides of the bridge with wire mesh and zinc sheets as a form of protest. After the closure of the bridge, citizens traveling to the district headquarters Khalanga municipality office have had to walk a route that takes them two hours more than the route through the bridge.

According to Narendra Joshi, a local resident, the laborers, shopkeepers, and other stakeholders resorted to the protest after the Rural Municipality and the District Administration Office, Darchula, ignored their repeated appeals for wage compensation.

He said – ‘This is our symbolic protest. If our demand is still not heard, we will protest more aggressively.

Residents of Apihimal Rural Municipality Ward No. 3 and 4 have also complained that they haven’t been compensated for their labor during the construction of the longest footpath in Nepal.

Sushil Rokaya, a resident of Apihimal Rural Municipality-4,  said – ‘The construction of the road has been completed built. There are continuous queries from the workers regarding their payment at the municipality. The questions are simply ignored”

Locals have warned that they will be demolished if they are not compensated for their labor. They say although the Rural Municipality has received the budget for the labor cost, the municipality hasn’t handed over the money to the contractor.

Jagdamba Dobhan Construction, responsible for the construction in Duhun, has not paid the workers’ wages even after two years.

Birsingh Dhami, Acting Chief Administrative Officer of Duhun Rural Municipality informed that the construction company has not received the payment for the final stage of the work.

He said that the contractor has been out of contact before the work of tightening the bridge and load test. He said that there have been complaints that the workers are to be paid Rs 30,000,00 -35,000,00. Along with the workers, the local shops and tractor dealers have not been paid by the builders.

Chief District Officer Kiran Joshi informed that he was unable to contact the contractor after he received complaints from the locals. He further says, “Two months ago, the contractor came in contact and made an agreement to pay the outstanding amount soon”.


Narendra Karki