Workers not getting rice in drought affected area

  November 10, 2016 By: INSEC

The workers at Sarkideu, Barai, Saya, Rodikot, Gothi, Shrenagar, Kalika, Maila, Maidan and Jair VDCs are facing difficulty after the rice for drought affected victims were not distributed until November 8 according to locals.

The Government of Nepal has said that the rice will be distributed only after concluding road building project. The government had employed locals in road building mission however the rice has not been distributed yet even after three months of work which have created problems amongst the worker. The normal lives of the people were affected after a drought hit the area on May 2016.

In order to give relief to the affected area, Nepal Food Corporation was given authority to distribute rice through District Development Committee after the construction of 92km road at Gamgadhi in Mugu.

The locals complained that they did not received rice even after the completion of road construction.

Prior to this, the Food Corporation had distributed 50 kg of rice to each household at Dandaphaya, Kharphunath and Seda VDCs.

However, chief Narayan Singh KC of Nepal Food Corporation said that the distribution was affected because of not having enough rice for distribution.



Nanda Singh