Women throat slit in a dispute

  June 23, 2019 By: INSEC

Laxmi Rai, 20 of Katari Municipality-4 was killed by slitting her throat on June 23 by Sita Rai, 30 . Sita is a first wife of Pradhan Rai.

Laxmi was married with Pradhan Rai as a second wife  and since then the first wife Sita was separated from him according to inspector Lalan Prasad Karmi of Area Police Office.

“They were having a dispute after Pradhan married a second wife”, according to police.

There was a big dispute few days ago over a same case according to locals.

The accused was living just 100m away from the house of her husband. On a day of the incident, the victim was summoned by Sita and slit her throat using knife according to police. The accused was arrested on the night of June 23 and the body of the victim is kept at Katari Hospital for postmortem according to police.

Bharat Khadka