Women Journalism Orientation Program Concluded

  July 4, 2023 By: INSEC

The Media Council of Madhesh Province, Janakpur successfully concluded Women Journalism Orientation Program in Lahan, Siraha , Janakpur , in coordination with the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC), on July 3.

A comprehensive one-day journalism orientation program was meticulously organized exclusively for women journalists hailing from Madhesh province.

Shatrudhan Prasad Singh, a distinguished former minister and esteemed member of the state assembly, graced the occasion as the chief guest. In his address, he highlighted the pivotal role journalists play as the fourth pillar of our nation. However, he lamented the fact that journalists are neither adequately compensated, protected, nor provided with proper training, thus exemplifying the discriminatory treatment meted out to them by the state. Singh emphasized that the diminishing number of women journalists could be attributed to labor exploitation and gender-based discrimination prevalent in the field. While the provincial government faces limitations in advocating for journalists’ rights and interests due to the central government’s lack of integrity, Singh assured that the provincial administration would assertively demand the rights, security, and insurance of women journalists.

Likewise, Lalita Das, an esteemed member of the Provincial Assembly, stressed the importance of women journalists organizing themselves and advocating for their rights and interests. She underscored the distressing reality that women journalists, after initially entering the profession with enthusiasm, often find themselves marginalized due to labor exploitation, sexual harassment, and even displacement from the field. Das emphasized that the provincial government had committed to taking proactive measures to address these issues, including ensuring security, labor rights, employment opportunities, capacity building, and insurance for women journalists. She pledged to raise these concerns forcefully in the provincial assembly.

Rajesh Karna, the Province Chairperson of the Nepal Journalist Federation, urged women to actively engage in journalism and become members of the federation. He acknowledged the numerous challenges and obstacles faced by journalists and assured the support of the provincial federation in overcoming them. Karna detailed the membership procedures of the federation and offered personal assistance to those interested in obtaining membership. He emphasized the crucial role of the media council in initiating initiatives at the district level to safeguard, remunerate, protect from exploitation, and provide training for women journalists.

Raju Paswan, the coordinator of the INSEC Provincial Office in Janakpur, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the state of women journalists in Nepali media. The presentation highlighted the disheartening fact that only 85 women journalists in Madhesh province are affiliated with the Federation of Nepalese Journalists. Given this limited number, Paswan urged concerned stakeholders to devise various strategic plans to foster the growth and sustenance of women journalists in the region.

During the program, women journalists from Madhesh province voiced their concerns regarding non-payment for their extensive journalistic work and their struggles to secure membership in the federation. Rikun Mishra, a distinguished member of the media council and a central representative of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, reassured the journalists that the federation always stands in unwavering support of their cause.

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Durga Pariyar