Woman Beaten to Death by Witchdoctors; Accused Arrested

  April 17, 2022 By: INSEC

Police have arrested Dharmananda Bhatta, of Bhimdatta Municipality-7, Narayan Bhatta and seven others, of Bhimdatta Municipality-1 on the charge of killing Ranchula Saud, 43, of Bedkot Municipality-7 during the traditional healing process. The accused were arrested on April 16, 2022.

The victim had gone to her neighbour Kamala Saud’s house for treatment on April 11 after having a terrible headache. Ranchula was suggested to visit a witch-doctor by her neighbour stating that she was possessed by spirits. In a meeting with INSEC representative, the victim’s daughter Sarita Saud stated that Dharmananda, Narayan and Kamala had used a hot iron rod to beat her after which she died.

According to DSP Chakrabahadur Shah of the District Police Office, they had arrested Dharmananda Bhatta, 60, Gauri Saud, 38, Kamala Saud, 31, Narayan Bhatta, 72, Kuber Saud, 43, Janaki Garal, 52 and Chakra Singh, 36, after getting the information of the incident.

He further added that the deceased’s body had bruises and her skin was also peeled off. The body had decayed which implies that the corpse was hidden for a few days after the murder.

Padam Saud, the brother-in-law of the deceased and a resident of Baitadi district, said that he had lodged a complaint against the accused at the District Police Office on April 17 after receiving information that his sister-in-law had been beaten to death by witch doctors.

Mayor of Bedkot Municipality, Ashok Kumar Chand said that the victim’s family have been claiming that a grave offense has been committed therefore an onsite fact-finding will be conducted, action will be taken against the accused and the victim will get justice.

The body has been kept at Mahakali Provincial Hospital for post-mortem.

Lily Kunwar