Women Beaten in Allegation of Witchcraft; Accused Arrested

  August 10, 2022 By: INSEC

Police have arrested Chunchun Bhandari, 32, and Sanjay Bhandari, 27, on the charge of beating and misbehaving with Rita Devi Thakur, 36, alleging her of witchcraft. The accused were arrested by the District Police Office on August 9, 2022.

The victim alleged that the accused tried to force the victim to eat human excreta, they had also beaten the neighbours and children who came to separate and save the victim.

After proceeding with the legal process, the victim complained that there was pressure from the accused on August 9 to reconcile the incident.

The victim woman was treated on August 7 at Gadahia Dumaria health post and further treatment was done on August 8 at District Hospital, Malangwa.

DSP Bijay Yadav of the District Police Office informed that since the written complaint has been received, the accused will be arrested and the investigation process will be carried forward.

The health examination of the victim woman was conducted on August 9 at the district hospital.

Budhan Sah