Women Activist misbehaved and alleged of being witch in Parsa

  September 25, 2017 By: INSEC

A complaint has been lodged at District Police Office of Parsa on September 24 against 20 years old Sarita Shrestha of Birgunj Metropolis-8, her sister 24 years old Sonu Karki, her husband Yogendra Karki , working as armed police officer , Preeti Gurung, 35 and  her husband Sunil Magar on charge of misbehaving and beating 55 years old Raj Kumari Upadhyaya, coordinator of Women Rights Forum , Parsa alleging her of being witch.

The District Police Office of Parsa said that the complaint was registered against the accused on charge of misbehaving Upadhyaya of being witch. The victim had lodged a complaint at DPO Parsa on September 24.

Upadhyaya has been working as a women rights activists in the district for almost a decade and she herself became a victim of violence. She was charged of doing black magic on 15 years old daughter of Preeti and Sunil Magar.

The victim was beaten and misbehaved on the morning of September 24 by the accused on her rented room at Birgunj Metropolis-8 alleging her of being witch. She was later rescued by her son and his acquaintances.

Police have arrested armed policeman Yogendra Karki, Sarita Shrestha, Sonu Karki, Preeti Gurung and Sunil Gurung on a same day for the investigation.


K.C Lamichhane