Woman Killed over Domestic Dispute

  December 25, 2019 By: INSEC

Shree Prasad Panjiyar of Janakpur Dham Sub Metropolitan- 22 Kurtha has escaped after stabbing his sister-in-law Rani Devi Panjiyar of approx. 28 years at Badahari’s Red Cross Building’s Baagwani on 25 December.

Inspector Ram Kumar Yadav of Area Police Office informed that the escaped is being searched by them on the basis of the statement given by Rani Devi before she died.

Initial investigation says she was stabbed after a small dispute between them at Panjiyar’s house.

Rani Devi was given first aid at Lalgadh Model Hospital after which she was taken to Janakpur Provinvial Hospital. She lost her life in the ambulance while being taken out of Janakpur for further treatment.

Rani Devi was stabbed behind her head and many other parts of her body had severe cuts. Police has obtained jacket, slippers, Khukuri, scarf and other materials from the venue.

Dipendra Prasad Singh