Woman Killed by Family Member after Allegation of ‘Witchcraft’

  October 18, 2021 By: INSEC

Sheela Devi Jha, 42, of Madai, Mahottari Rural Municipality-3 was killed on October 13, 2021, after the allegation of witchcraft. Police have arrested Sanjay Kumar Jha, 42, on October 16 in accusation of killing Sheela Devi using a hammer. Sanjay is the brother-in-law of the victim.

According to SP Dinesh Kumar Acharya of the District Police Office, Mahottari, Sheela Devi’s body was found in her house on October 14.

Sanjay had married Rinku Jha last July. After the marriage, they had been living in a joint family. According to the police, Sanjay had been accusing Sheela Devi of being a witch saying that Rinku had eaten the banana given to her by the deceased and had a miscarriage on the same night.

Police said that Sanjay had taken Rinku to Janakpur for treatment as she could not recover at home after the miscarriage. Unable to heal her from medical treatment, Sanjay had been seeking treatments from “witch-doctors” for Rinku, informed the police.

In a press conference, police informed that Sanjay had arrived in Madai from Janakpur on October 13 and conspired to kill Sheeladevi. On the same night, he killed Sheela and absconded to Janakpur on a bicycle.

The post-mortem of the body was conducted at Mahottari District Hospital, Jaleshwor on October 14.

Ajay Kumar Shah