Woman expelled from the house on charge of giving birth to a girl

  December 24, 2018 By: INSEC

Jhana Maya Rokaya, 26 of Kanakasundari Rural Municipality-6, Ludki have accused her husband Ganga Ram of expelling her from the house on charge of giving birth to six daughters in a row.

Jhanamaya Rokaya who is six months pregnant is expelled   from her house along with six daughters. On December 19 she gave birth to another daughter. The victim gave birth to a baby girl in Karnali Institute of health and science and her baby is suffering from hepatitis B creating difficulties on treatment due to the lack of fund.

Two of her daughters are sheltered at her parental house and she is in hospital with younger daughter. Her three daughters have already passed away.

The parental house of Jhanamaya is also suffering from financial crisis and she is having difficulties for grooming of her children. She also said that her first baby died immediately after birth and other two girls were aborted when in womb after finding that they are girls.

CDO Bishnu Paudel said that her baby will get treatment after coordinating with hospital.


Man Datta Rawal