Woman Beaten with Allegation of Witchcraft; Accused Arrested

  December 18, 2021 By: INSEC

Police have arrested Muna Pariyar, 38, and her husband Bishnu Pariyar, 42, of Lamjung Rainas Municipality-3 on the accusation of beating a 49-year-old woman of Tanahu and alleging her of witchcraft. They were arrested on December 16, 2021.

Inspector Ram Thapa of the District Police Office told INSEC that the family of the victim lodged a complaint at the District Police Office on December 16 informing that the victim was beaten with an excuse of exorcism and was tortured using a hot ladle.

The victim was going to the house of a relative on November 28 and on her way she had met the group of accused labourers.

The labourers told the victim that she was possessed by a witch and had taken her to a ‘witch-doctor’, where she was burnt using hot ladle.

The victim was severely injured in the incident. She was rescued by her relatives and was taken to Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital, Kathmandu for treatment.

According to the complaint, the victim is being treated in the same place added Inspector Thapa.

Both the accused have been remanded in custody for five more days as per the order of the court after the police took them to the district court on December 17.

Sitaram Adhikari