Will Pass The Bill With The Concern Of The Conflict Victims: Prime Minister

  September 5, 2023 By: INSEC

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that he will pass the Investigation, Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Third Amendment) Bill, 2022 including the suggestions of the conflict victims.

Prime Minister Dahal stated the statement while speaking at the National Conference regarding the transitional justice process in Nepal held in Kathmandu on September 4.

Dahal made a commitment that the conflict victims will be provided with compensation and action against offenders of human rights violation will be taken.

He said that although the army adjustment and arms management process is completed, the conflict victims have not been given justice. He also mentioned that the remaining tasks of the peace process will also be completed quickly with the consent of the conflict victims, civil society and the international community and by following the instructions of the Supreme Court of Nepal.

Dahal stated that the issues raised by individuals affected by the transitional justice process, truth and reconciliation, and the Commission (Third Amendment) Bill,2022 for the Investigation of Enforced Disappeared Persons are being considered in the parliamentary committee, and that the bill will be passed after the concerns of stakeholders .

Similarly, Kalyan Kumar Shrestha , former Chief Justice, mentioned that our country being known as a peaceful country had to be classified as a conflict-affected country today because of the incomplete peace process.

Shrestha said that no one has the right to tell the victims to endure injustice and that a national effort is needed to complete the rest of the peace process. He also stated that there should be no delay in bringing justice to the conflict victims and emphasized that transitional justice should be completed through national consensus.

Bimal Poudel