Whereabouts of the Missing Couple Still Unknown

  March 19, 2021 By: INSEC

Musafir Jha, 66, and his wife Gita Devi Jha, 60, who had been sleeping in a house in Sahod of Pipra Rural Municipality-5, have been missing since February 22.

According to the police, it was suspected that they had been abducted and their whereabouts remained unknown even after 26 days.

As the condition of the couple is still unknown, a team of human rights activists led by INSEC Province 2 met the victims’ family members on March 17 to get information about the incident.

The team includes INSEC Province 2 Coordinator Raju Paswan, INSEC Mahottari Representative Ajay Kumar Sah, WOREC Dhanusha District Project Coordinator Rojlin Singh Bachhar, Youth Advocacy Nepal Campaign Coordinator Diwakar Upreti, Women Human Rights Defenders Network member Jamuna Bhujel, Human Rights Defenders Network Mahottari’s Secretary Ranjan Bhandari and Human Rights activist Balaram Sah.

The team had taken information about the incident from the family members and observed the site of the incident.

There was even a drop of blood on the PCC-sloped alley to reach home. The incident has become a mystery as the couple was abducted along with the bedding, police said.

Retired Land Revenue Officer Jha was living with his wife, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.

He was a witness to a land dispute in Loharpatti municipality. Though it has been speculated that he may have been abducted by the landlords because he was a witness, the police have not disclosed further and an investigation is underway.

Province 2 Police Chief DIG Dhiraj Pratap Singh said, “So far, we have done research looking at the economic, and social aspects of the family.” Land disputes may also occur in the event. We are investigating from all angles. ‘

He said three people had been detained for questioning. DIG Singh said, “We are still busy trying to find the clue to this incident.” A joint team of provincial police, district police, and area police are busy searching for clues to the abduction.

Upon receiving the news of her parent’s disappearance, her daughter Baby Mishra requested the INSEC-led human rights team to take immediate steps to find out the whereabouts of her parents.

Ajay Kumar Sah