We Commit to Protect Human Rights by Forming Human Rights Friendly Laws: Province Chief Joshi

  December 10, 2022 By: INSEC

Sudurpaschim province chief Devraj Joshi said that some human rights-friendly laws have been made in the province and he is committed to protect human rights by making human rights-friendly laws in the future.

On the occasion of the 74th International Human Rights Day, Provincial Chief Joshi announced this commitment at an interaction program on the situation of human rights and the state’s responsibility in the Sudurpaschim Province held in Dhangadhi on December 10 in collaboration with the National Human Rights Commission and INSEC.


He said that since human rights are provided as fundamental rights in Nepal’s constitution, the protection, promotion, and fulfilment of human rights can be easily achieved if all three levels of government are able to create human rights-friendly laws and implement them effectively.

He said – ‘Civil society has been alerting the government for the protection and promotion of human rights due to lack of management and implementation of laws. The new government should work to ensure human rights.


Sudurpaschim Province Secretary Durgaraj Pokharel said that since human rights are ubiquitous and intertwined with human life, the cooperation of civil society and the state is necessary for its protection and development, and for this, the civil society should give suggestions, advice and recommendations to the state.

Chief District Officer Kiran Thapa said that human rights will be protected if the policies and laws made by the government at all three levels are implemented effectively.

INSEC Sudurpaschim province coordinator Khadak Raj Joshi said that the cooperation of civil society and the state is indispensable for the protection and promotion of human rights, and coordination and cooperation of all three levels of government is necessary for the protection and fulfilment of human rights.


Ambika Bhandari, President of the Women’s Human Rights Defenders Network, said that while the 74th International Human Rights Day and the 16-day campaign against gender-based violence were being celebrated, there was no reduction in violence against women and even though there were cases of heinous crimes such as the killing of girls before birth, the state ensured the right of women to live. He was accused of not being able to do it.

Ambika Tamrakar, a representative of Dalit Mahila Sangh, said that due to the lack of effective implementation of the Caste Discrimination Crimes and Punishment Act, incidents of caste discrimination and untouchability committed in public have not decreased.

Mukunda Rana, the coordinator of FIAN Nepal Sudurpaschim Province, said that the state has not been sensitive to the economic, social and cultural rights of the remote and remote communities.

Man Bahadur Saud, Coordinator of the Disability Federation of Sudurpaschim, said that due to the lack of disability-friendly laws, the human rights of disabled citizens have been violated due to the fact that the physical structure is also not disability-friendly, and there should be a 50% discount on public transport vehicles.


Hari Gyawali, head of National Human Rights Commission Sudurpaschim Province Office, presented the situation of human rights in Sudurpaschim Province and Bishwadiv Baisara, Co-Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law of Sudurpaschim Province, made a presentation regarding the work done by the provincial government in the protection and promotion of human rights.

The morning rally started from the intersection of Dhangadhi with the main slogan: Right to life, dignity, equality and freedom: the basis of sustainable peace and prosperity and ended with an interaction program.

Mainamoti Chaudhary