We are Ignorant on Commission’s Work: Conflict Victims

  August 29, 2016 By: INSEC

Conflict victims have shown their ignorance in a work done by CIED during a program organised in Nepalgunj.

The victims have expressed their ignorance about the commission’s work on an interaction program on commission’s effectiveness and justice to victims on the eve of the international day on enforced disappearance organised by NHRC, conflict victims society for justice, INSEC, ICJ, Advocacy Forum, Human Rights alliances including many other organisations on August 29.

Conflict victim Devisara BK of Kohalpur said that she had lodged a complaint at commission five months ago and she is ignorant about the progress and said that she is hopeless on getting justice. Another victim Chandra Adhikari said that only people having access are getting service whereas others are deprived even getting information.

Chief judge Bam Kumar Shrestha of appellate court of Nepalgunj said that the formation of TRC and CIED is a result of conflict victim’s unity and joint commitment.

He urged conflict victims to be hopeful about getting justice. CDO Rabi lal Panthi said that some of the issues of conflict victims are not addressed by the law.

NHRC regional director Murari Kharel stressed on implementation of commission’s recommendation.

Meanwhile, blood donation program has been organised in Nepalgunj in the eve of international day of enforced disappeared people. At least 20 people from civil society and various rights organisations had donated a blood.

Binod Pandey