Water Tank handed over to the Prison in an initiation of INSEC

  August 3, 2018 By: INSEC

A water tank has been handed over to the district prison of Syangja in an initiation from the INSEC district representative on August 2.

Putali bazar Municipality chief Seema Chetri handed over 1000 liters of water tank to the district prison in an initiation from INSEC Syangja and support from Putali Bazar Municipality. The tank was handed over to acting chief Buddhi Prasad Sharma of the prison.

Municipality chief Chettri said that she will initiate to solve other issues of the prison. INSEC Syangja had raised the issues regarding the difficulties of inmates and detainees in the prison. The news related to the overcrowded prison and difficulties faced by the inmates and detainees was published in INSEC online news portal on July 16.

INSEC district representative Him Lal Prajuli had informed about the condition of the prison to Mayor Chetri and she had committed to solve the issue of drinking water. The prison has a capacity to accommodate 50 inmates and detainees however there are 126 inmates and detainees according to acting chief Buddhi Prasad Sharma of the prison.


Him Lal Parajuli