Ward Started Service Delivering Social Security Allowance to Individual Households

  May 5, 2023 By: INSEC

Solududhkunda Rurak Municipality-1 has started the distribution of social security allowances by reaching households, to make it easier for citizens with disability and senior citizens.
According to the Rural Municipality, the initiative was started to ensure that the allowance through the banking system would reach the beneficiaries’ homes.
Ward Chairperson, Chongba Sherpa said the distribution of social allowances because the traveling headquarter to reach the Bank would make the allowance inaccessible to senior citizens and citizens with disability. The cost of transportation is around 3,000 rupees and since it is not possible to get the allowance from some places and return in one day, the social allowance has been distributed door to door to assure the people that there is a local government.
The ward has started providing social allowance to all the beneficiaries including senior citizens, persons with disability, and single women by mobilizing the bank employees, rural village employees, and public representatives of the ward office in collaboration with the bank.
Dadoma Sherpa,72, of Solududhakund Municipality-1 expressed happiness by saying the compulsion to rush to the bank to collect social allowances laboriously is over. According to the rural municipality, social security allowance has been distributed to 123 people in the ward since April 15, 2023.

Anju Karki