Ward Office Padlocked After Salary and Allowance was Held for Eight Months

  May 5, 2022 By: INSEC

The ward chairperson and administrative assistant of Sarkegad Rural Municipality-4 Sanya have not received their salaries and allowances for the last eight months.

According to Gopa BK, a Dalit woman ward member, the ward members were compelled to padlock the ward office after they did not receive salary and allowance for eight months.

Administrative Assistant Dhan Lal BK informed that a meeting was held on May 3, 2022, regarding the issue but it ended without any conclusion.

Chief Administrative Officer of the rural municipality, Nara Rawat, said that there was some delay in the payment of salary allowance due to delay in payment and disbursement.

Open Dalit member Dhun Sunar, Dalit women member Gopa BK and women member Hirkala Shahi have complained that they have not received their allowance for eight months.

Nanda Singh