Ward Office Lock Out Affects Services Provided to Citizens

  November 3, 2023 By: INSEC

Since October 30, the ward office of Ward No. 9 in Kailari Rural Municipality has been locked, causing difficulties for local service users. This lock-out has disrupted the services offered by the ward office, leading to inconvenience for the residents.

Devi Lal Choudhary of Kailari Rural Municipality-9, Samarchouda, shared his experience of being unable to pay property tax at the ward office due to the lockdown. Another resident, Narayan Chowdhury of Namiphanta, expressed his frustration as he had to return home without collecting the allowance after visiting the ward office with his father when they received a notification about the distribution of social security allowance to senior citizens on October 13.

Ward Secretary Thaguram Chowdhury explained that the ward office was locked because consumers from Ward No. 6 had surrounded the office. They locked the office in response to a dispute about their access to water from Koilhi Lake.

This lockout has halted all services provided by the ward office, including the distribution of social security allowances to 372 senior citizens and other individuals from the target community during the festival.

Khemraj Chowdhury, the ward chairperson, of Kailari Rural Municipality-9, mentioned that discussions are underway to resolve the problem. These discussions involve negotiating the contract amount for Koilhi Lake in Ward No. 9 and addressing the concerns of consumers from Wards 6 and 9 regarding water consumption.

Mainamoti Choudhary