Ward Offices Closed after Police Misbehaved with Ward Chairperson

  June 3, 2021 By: INSEC

Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan ward offices five and 15 have been closed against the Police’s misbehaviour toward the chairperson of ward number five.

Ward Chairman Ramesh Kumar Pandey, 49, was misbehaved by Inspector Ram Kumar Gupta while Pandey was on his way to collect an oxygen cylinder for a COVID-19 patient. Gupta had misbehaved with Pandey at the District Police Office gate, Dang on June 3, 2021, during a security check. The police took the ward chairperson’s scooter (Ra 4 Pa 5013) under control even when he showed his identity card.

“The scooter was taken under control by the police because he was traveling in a private vehicle without a pass during the prohibition order” said SP Ganesh Chand of the District Police Office Dang.

He further added that police called the ward chairperson to receive the vehicle but he didn’t come.  Chand said that the incident took place as the police on duty did not recognize the ward chairperson.

Ward chairperson Pandey was riding on his own scooter. He had declared to not use the government vehicle after he became elected.

Bishnu Mani Dahal, the chairperson of ward no. 5, said that ward offices five and 15 were shut because of the action of the police.

Emergency services have been obstructed due to the closure of the office. Nepali Congress Dang Secretary Shankar Dangi has issued a statement against the police’s action towards the chairperson and asked to bring the alleged into legal process.

Deputy Mayor of Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan, Sita Sigdel Neupane,  said that the incident happened due to a misunderstanding and it would be resolved through mutual discussion.

Jaya Narayan Pun