Ward Chairperson Accused of Mistreat Towards Chief Administrative Officer Shahi

  April 24, 2024 By: INSEC

The Ward Chairperson  Ramchandra Chaudhary of Rajapur Municipality-2 has been accused of abusing Chief Administrative Officer Mahendra Jung Shahi of Rajapur Municipality on 22 April.

The employees of the  Administrative Office have demanded an investigation on the incident that happened in the office room of the Chief Administrative officer. They further issued a statement  asking to take strict action against the accused and create a fear-free environment to work in the office.

Officer Shahi filed a verbal complaint against Ward Chairperson Chaudhary at the District Administration Office on April 23 alleging that he misbehaved with him.

On the other hand, Chairperson Ramchandra Chaudhary expressed his dissatisfaction upon the press release issued by the employees and stated that the allegation against him is false. According to him, the action plan for the ‘Budikulo Sarsafai Samiti’ (a cleaning committee) with the budget of the Rajapur Municipality as per the Budhikulo Muhan Okhariya Intake Sanitation Plan was approved by the municipal office. The Chief Administrative Officer also issued a work order of the plan after the approval. However, when the work was completed ahead of time , the Municipality refused to pay when contacted.

Chaudhary further explained that when he went to the Shah’s office and requested to speed up the payment process he got aggressive all of a sudden and threatened him that he would stop the plan. In response to this he had to be defensive.

Prakash Poudel