Ward Chairperson Accused of Embezzling Money of Social Security Fund

  May 2, 2023 By: INSEC

Milan Budha, the grandson of the victim, has alleged that Narbire Budha, a 75-year-old senior citizen of Athaviskot Municipality-9, Rangeela, was robbed of his 15-month social security allowance by the ward chairperson. Narbire Budha has not received his social security allowance since last year.

Milan Budha said that while other senior citizens of his village were receiving social security allowance, his grandfather had not received his allowance. When he went to the bank to inquire, he found out that the ward has withdrawn rs. 61,000 rupees on behalf of his grandfather. After discovering the withdrawal, he went to the ward office and informed the ward secretary. They informed him that the money was used by Dev Bahadur Gharti, ward chairperson of Athaviskot Municipality-1. The ward reassured him that the chairperson will return the money, however, he hasn’t returned the money yet and is threatening Milan Budha.

Milan says that he took his grandfather to the city hospital located at Athaviskot Radi after he fell sick. He went to Prabhu Bank to use his grandfather’s social security allowance for his medical expenses. He took a loan to transport his grandfather to Nepalganj for treatment. Their financial condition is not well and they relied on the social security allowance for the treatment of their grandfather.

Manisha K.C