Wage Discrimination rampant in Jumla

  March 21, 2019 By: INSEC

Labor women of the district have complained that they have been discriminated in wages for the same work as men. Women laborer from Patarasi Rural Municipality-6 has complained that they have been victim of wage discrimination.

In Urthuchautara, the construction of Shiva temple is undergoing and women laborers are carrying stones and bricks every day. They are getting Rs 400 a day however men laborers are getting Rs 800 for the same job.

Such discrimination against women is still rampant in the society according to women laborer Ujeli Bista.

Women laborer Gaukuli Kulal of Chandannath Municipality-3 said that government is not taking the issue of equality seriously.

Patarasi Rural Municipality chair Laxmi Man Bohara said that the issues will be raised to the concerned body and showed his commitment to play role on providing equal rights.


Mandatta Rawal