Voters suffering due to the distant polling stations

  April 26, 2017 By: INSEC

People living in Himali village council-3, Gumba are facing problem to cast vote since long time. The locals of Himali Village council-3 complained that they have to walk 3 days  to reach headquarter Martadi to cast their vote.

There are 26 families from Lampata and Gumba village of Sabik Bichaya VDC. Chief District Election officer, Subhadra Gautam informed that there are 30 voters from Gumba Gaun of which 8 are female and 22 are male voters.

The polling center has been established at Ganga School in Baudi. According to locals they have to walk for 3 days to reach to polling centre.

As per the Chief District Officer, Subhadra Gautam the polling station has been selected in coordination with political parties of the district in consensus. Election centre selection committee and all the political parties. She also mentioned about her little knowledge regarding the geography of Bajura.

Tshering Dhorche Lama of Gumba Gaun said that he did not cast vote in any election due to the accessibility.  He complained that no one understand their sufferings.

Vice president of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists Nimendra Shahi stated that the citizens of Bichaya Lampata and Gumba are deprived of their voting rights due to the government negligence.

According to the name list of voters published by District Election Office, there are altogether 64 thousand 9 hundred 50 voters in the district among which 32 thousand 5 hundred 21 are male, 32 thousand 4 hundred and 27 are female and two are LGBTIQ. There are altogether 69 booths where 91 polling stations are specified.


Padam Singh