Vote Counting Stalled After Finding Excessive Ballot Papers

  November 24, 2022 By: INSEC

Counting of votes has been stalled after the seals of the ballot boxes of the two polling stations of the Provincial Assembly B of the HoR Assembly Constituency No. 2 were broken and excessive ballots were found. There were 92 additional votes found which were more than the number of votes casted. The ballot papers of four polling stations were mixed together for counting.


In addition, the cadres of RPR and CPN-UML activists protested that the seals of two ballot boxes of Ganeshkunda polling station located in Khaniabas Rural Municipality-4 were found to be broken.

The counting of votes in the House of Representatives Constituency No. 2 B’s Provincial Assembly’s vote counting has been stopped since 9:30 am.


The ballots collected from Gangajamuna Mandali Secondary School -5 (A), Tripurasundari Rural Municipality-2 Ward Office (A), Khaniabas Rural Municipality-4 Ganeshkunda Secondary School (B) and Rubi Valley Rural Municipality-4 Mukrapadevi Secondary School were prepared for the counting of votes.

There were total of 1,109 voters however while preparing for the counting of votes, 1,201 ballots were found.


According to the latest vote counts, CPN-Maoist Center’s Jagat Singhada is ahead of RPP candidate Dambar Tamang by 246 votes. In the latest vote count, Jagat Sinkha has 9,809 votes and Dambar Tamang has 9,563 votes.

Sitaram Adhikari