Vote Counting Postponed After Finding More Ballots than Alloted

  December 3, 2022 By: INSEC

The counting of votes in the district has been stopped since the morning of December 2 after more ballots were found during the sealing of the ballot boxes.

Chief Electoral Officer Dhakaram Paudel said that the counting of votes was stopped after 30 more ballots were found in the ballot box of Himali Rural Municipality-6 Dhim polling station.

During the counting of the votes of the House of Representatives, it was seen that 30 more ballots were found than the polling officer had counted.

It has been mentioned that 1,450 votes were cast in Himali rural municipality-6 polling Station (A) and (B) out of a total of 1,726 voters. Himali Rural Municipality is the home municipality of Nepali Congress candidate Badri Pandey.

CPN-UML has alleged that more than 600 votes were taken from the ballot box after the team led by Pandey , the candidate for the House of Representatives from the Nepali Congress, came and captured the booth after the voting was completed.

According to Karna Bahadur Thapa, candidate for the member of the House of Representatives of the CPN-UML, the candidate of the CPN-UML House of Representatives should start counting votes only after an investigation, as it has become clear that the numbers were not unified and the voting was done by fraud.

Chief Electoral Officer Paudel said that till now all the wards except (a) booth of Badimalika municipality-1 have been counted, except for Himali rural municipality ward no.

According to the results of counting of votes so far, Nepali Congress candidate Badri Pandey has received 5,399 votes while CPN UML candidate Karna Bahadur Thapa has received 4,130 votes.

So far, Nepali Congress candidate Pandey has taken the lead by 1,269 votes.

Padam Bahadur Singh