Vote Count Delayed due to Election Commission’s Delay in Decision Making 

  November 23, 2022 By: INSEC

The indecisiveness of the Election Commission delayed the vote count in Dolakha.

The CPN-UML sent a complaint to the Election Commission through the office of the Chief Election Officer. It also includes the allegation that the ruling alliance party of capturing the booths at various places in the district.

Meanwhile, Chief Electoral Officer of District Election Office Dilliratna Shrestha published a notice of postponing the vote counting due to a lack of decision made by the Election Commission on November 22.

The ruling alliance party had been continuously protesting with slogans demanding the counting of votes.

Ganga Karki, a candidate for the House of Representatives on behalf of the ruling alliance party, has alleged that the Chief Election Officer of Dolakha was unable to start counting votes because he is not impartial.

Karki wrote a status on social media and said that counting votes could not start in Dolakha due to the influence of the Chief Election Officer on behalf of CPN-UML and stated that the complaint was registered without holding an all-party meeting.

Uddhav Pokhrel