Viral Patients Increasing in Jajarkot, Medicine Crunch in Health Organizations

  September 1, 2017 By: INSEC

In most part of the district of Jajarkot, the numbers of viral patients are increasing day by day. The locals are complaining that there is lack medicines and manpower in health organization which are making their lives in crisis.

Chief of Triveni Nalgadh Municipality, Tek Bahadur Rawal said that the viral can spread like a epidemic if it is not controlled on time. He added that the viral patients are increasing in numbers and there is no one to even serve them with hot water.

He said that the direction has been given to health workers of local health organization for immediate service. The situation has been reported to the District Hospital and has been requested for the immediate preparation to prevent viral which might spread as epidemic.

The Area Health Post of Dilli said that 50 to 70 viral patients are coming for treatment in a daily basis. Health officials said that the viral is as a result of drinking contaminated water and eating food without cooking properly.

Most of the health organizations are facing shortages in manpower as there are no health officials as per posts. In Dandagaun Health Post, the post has been vacant since six months. Similarly, in Bhagwati health post, Nayakwada and many others the post of the doctors remains vacant for a long time according to the District Hospital of Jajarkot. It is necessary that the concern authority must take an immediate step to prevent possible epidemic.



Dinesh Kumar Shrestha