Violation of Code of Conduct; Victim Party Accused the Abduction of Candidate

  May 6, 2022 By: INSEC

The incidents of violation of election code of conduct increases in province one as the local level election comes close.

As per Taranath Phuyal, Khotang Representative, violation of election code of conduct have increased to affect the voters as the election date approaches. Police have taken 40 pieces of tunnel, 16 pieces of zinc sheet and one cylinder under control from Majhuwagadi Municipality-8, Diktel, Rupakot while was being transported on a tractor to influence the voters.

Umesh Lamsal, DSP of district police office informed that the tractor was taken under control after receiving the complaint of circulation of several stuff to influence the voters against the election code of conduct. Fadindra Dahal, Chief district officer said that the investigation is going on, on this matter. 16 pipes have been taken under control from Majhuwagadi Municipality-4, Diktel, Rupakot, in the process of distribution against the code of conduct and have been kept in the Khanidada police station.

Police have kept the Information regarding who were behind the distribution of these stuff and who were at the receiving end confidential. Following the increasing cases of code of conduct violation, District administration office released a public notice on 5th May asking not to violate the code of conduct.

As per Naresh Khati, Jhapa district representative, Bhojraj Sitaula, Nepali Congress Mayoral candidate from Birtamod Municipality, has been found campaigning against the election code of conduct 2021. Election code of conducts have been violated by using of flags, banner and mic against election campaigning criteria. Campaigning group of Diwakar Lal Chaudhary,  CPN UML ward chair candidate from Arjundhara Municipality-6, have violated election code of conduct by carrying flags in the pick up van against the campaigning criteria enshrined under no. 12 (e) of election code of conduct.

According to Jay Krishna Yadav, Sunsari Representative, family of the victim has accused that Ganesh Bahadur Paudel, 62, an independent ward chair candidate of Ramghuni Municipality-8 has been abducted. Former cadres of Nepali congress, Paudel registered himself as an independent candidate after not receiving the ticket from congress. The victim’s family has accused that he was abducted while going to Inarwua Municipality on 4th May to complete some work. Some has expressed a suspicion that he might have been abducted by friends from Nepali congress. Narendra Kumar Karki, DSP of district police office stated that the investigation is ongoing on this regard. Santosh Paudel, 45, brother of the victim has accused that his brother has been abducted amid the nearing of local level election.

INSEC Province 1 Office, Biratnagar