Victim’s Side Alleges Doctor For The Death Of A Woman In Her Postpartum

  August 8, 2020 By: INSEC

Family of Ganga Devi Mahato (23) of Bharatpur in Gaushala Municipality-11 of Mahottari District have filed a complaint regarding her death at Ramjanaki Hospital on August 6, 2020 due to negligence of a doctor.

Mahato had given birth to a daughter through caesarean surgery. Raj Kishore Mahato, the husband of the deceased, has alleged that the doctors involved in the treatment of Gangadevi for serious negligence due to which she died.

The hospital had requested the family to bring ‘O-positive’ blood saying that there was a lack of blood in Gangadevi’s body. Ganesh Sah, director of Ramjanaki Hospital, said that they came to know that one of the two packs of blood was B-positive blood only after the blood was already given to the patient.

According to hospital sources, the patient reacted with ‘B-positive’ blood instead of ‘O-positive’ blood and died at 8 pm in critical condition.

Director of Ramjanaki Hospital Ganesh Sah has claimed that the death of the patient was not due to the negligence of the hospital but due to the negligence of the Red Cross.

Ram Naresh Singh, the chairperson of the Janakpur branch of the Red Cross Society, said that the hospital had accused the Red Cross of covering up its mistake.

After the death of the patient due to the negligence of Ramjanaki Hospital and the Red Cross, the family members of the deceased had not agreed to take the body till the evening of August 7.

The family members of the deceased have taken a stand not to take the body unless they are compensated.

Dinesh Prasad Singh