Victim’s Relatives Demand to make Disappeared People Public

  August 30, 2016 By: INSEC

The victim’s family of those disappeared during armed conflict have demanded to make their whereabouts public.

The participants of the program organized by ICRC, Nepal Red Cross Society and Disappeared Family Society have demanded during the international day of enforced disappeared people on August 30 in Lalitpur.

The victims complained that they have lost the faith towards the state as it has been ten years of peace agreement. They further demanded for the reparation and whereabouts of their loved ones as soon as possible.

Speaking at the program, Andre Pake, chief of ICRC, Nepal said that the program is organized to show solidarity on victim’s pain. Lokendra Mallik, chief of CIED ,said that there are 2846 complaint lodged at commission related to  disappearance.

He further said that 2,846 complaints were lodged however it has been informed that there were 2,870 people disappeared during conflict victims and preliminary investigation has been initiated according to him.

Similarly, Ram Kumar Bhandari, chairperson of Disappeared Family Society of Nepal said that the pain of victims is same whether they have been disappeared by state or rebels. He further complained that there is discrimination by the state and implementation of reparation policy is still in dilemma.

In the program a feature film “Last Farewell” was staged. The film has depicted the pain of conflict victims in a sensitive way. A photo book was also made public during a program.

Ram Kumari Shrestha