Victim’s party complained against local representatives for beating

  May 5, 2019 By: INSEC

The victim’s party complained that two boys were tied and beaten by Rural Municipality chair and ward chair at Sonam Rural Municipality on May 4.

16 years old Shanker Shah and 17 years old Sudhir Shah both were beaten on charge of helping Sudha Yadav to elope with local Raju Shah according to the victim’s party.

According to victim Shah, they were tied with hand and were beaten by ward chair Ashok Yadav, Rural Municipality chief Raj Kumar Yadav and Pramod Yadav. The victim’s complained that instead of taking them to hospital, they were sent to house. He also complained that they were threatened by the assailant to bring the eloped woman within 24 hours.

They underwent health checkup at local medical. The complaint is lodged at Area Police Office and the incident is under investigation according to inspector Kishore Acharya

Ajaya Kumar Shah